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Trickle Charge RV Solar Panel

Trickle Charge RV Solar Panel

This 15w trickle charge solar panel will help you prolong the life of your RV's 12v batteries, by topping them up when they're not in use.

The built-in diode prevents reverse charging and ensures batteries do not become discharged at night, and the included controller protects against batter overcharge. It works with a wide range of batteries including AGM, gel, we and calcium types.

* Built-in diode prevents battery from discharge at night
* Included controller protects batteries from overcharge
* Ultra-thin, lightweight and easy to transport
* Frameless design, no rigid or breakable glass
* Fully waterproof and weatherproof

* Easy DIY installation

Item #6028

Order Here
Item # Price Quantity  
6028 $97.95



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